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Industrial Prefabricated Shed

Industrial Prefabricated Shed Manufacturers in Pune India

Welcome to the leading Industrial Prefabricated Shed Manufacturers, Suppliers in Pune by Westro Engineers in Pune. In today's scenario of industrial landscape, efficiency, strength and durability are important.

These Industrial Prefabricated Sheds have increasing demand and Westro Engineers in Pune provides modern solution to it. We have a wide range of Industrial Prefabricated Sheds manufactured for different purposes such as storing goods, for production units and logistics.

What is Industrial prefabricated Shed?

These Industrial Prefabricated Sheds are constructed off-site and they are transported to the required site, where they are assembled. Industrial Prefabricated Sheds are basically structures made from steel or can be from other durable materials. They are rigid structured sheds which can withstand adverse conditions and can serve as a unit for industrial operations like production, storage, logistics support.

Why choose us in Pune?

Westro Engineers in Pune specialized manufactures and suppliers of Industrial Prefabricated Sheds are serving the industry since 2014 and is one the best sheds provider. We focus on efficiency to give high yielding results. To meet your expectations of industrial projects we manufacture cost effective Industrial Prefabricated Sheds. Our priority is supplying Industrial Prefabricated Sheds on time, to ensure your project’s success constructed by quality craftsman. So if you are looking for enhancing your workspace in Pune, we are the right choice.

Types of Industrial Prefabricated Sheds
  • Warehousing Sheds: Stores goods and inventory.

  • Manufacturing Sheds: Production units.

  • Logistics Sheds: Stores finished Products.

  • Workshop Sheds: For fabrication etc.

Technical specifications
1 Material High-quality steel or other materials
2 Doors and Windows Customizable options for available
3 Foundation Concrete slab or steel piers for strong foundation
4 Finish Protected against corrosion by powder-coated or painted finish
5 Wall Cladding Insulated panels
6 Roofing Corrugated metal roofing
Corrugated metal roofing
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Sector
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Retail Sector

Industrial Prefabricated Shed manufacturers, suppliers offer affordable range in Pune. We have versatile and effective solutions for your industrial needs. Here you can benefit from wider aspects like cost effective, professional assistance, timely delivery and high quality structures.

Still have questions? Contact us. We would like to serve you.

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